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Causes of oil trapped in screw vacuum pump
Causes of oil trapped in screw vacuum pump

Screw vacuum pump in the use of the process, sometimes there will be oil trapped problem, how to solve it?

In order to supply oil continuously, screw vacuum pump requires that the overlap coefficient e of gear engagement is greater than 1, that is, when one pair of gears is not disengaged from engagement, the other pair of gears have entered into engagement. In this way, when the screw vacuum pump has two pairs of gears meshing at the same time, a closed volume is formed between the two pairs of gears' tooth direction meshing lines

When the sealing volume is reduced, the trapped oil is squeezed and the pressure rises sharply, which makes the bearing suddenly subject to a large impact load, and the screw vacuum pump vibrates violently. At this time, the high-pressure oil is squeezed out from all possible leaks, resulting in the power loss of the screw vacuum pump and the oil heating, etc

When the sealing volume increases, because there is no oil supplement, a local vacuum of the screw vacuum pump is formed, which separates the air dissolved in the oil and forms bubbles. After bubbles are generated in the oil, a series of problems such as noise and cavitation of the screw vacuum pump will be caused

The above situation is the phenomenon of oil trapped in screw vacuum pump, which will seriously affect the working stability and service life of screw vacuum pump

In order to solve the problem of oil entrapment, two oil entrapment unloading grooves can be milled on the pump cover of screw vacuum pump. The position of the unloading tank should be such that the trapped oil chamber can be connected with the pressure oil chamber through the unloading tank when it is changed from large to small, and can be connected with the oil suction chamber through another unloading tank when the trapped oil chamber is changed from small to large. The distance between the two unloading tanks shall ensure that the oil pressure cavity and the oil suction cavity cannot communicate at any time.

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