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Abrasive Die Cutting Machine
sand paper cutting machine
This sand paper cutting machine is suitable for leather, fabric,plastic, canvas, nylon, paper board, vacuum forming, composite materials, sporting goods (ball), sandpaper, medicine, packaging, and various kinds of synthetic materials one layer or layers.Especially for cutting small die cutter, regular, bulk parts especially.Such as football, volleyball, tennis, grinding wheel, cutting slices, insoles, etc.
Features of sand paper cutting machine:
1,The machine is suitable for continuous cutting with molding knife on the coil material with large quantities of the same specification of non-metallic
2,Use the manual control lateral movement of the punch, the machine automatically on the material of the blanking, and punch displacement distance and feed length can be set in a precise.Solve the multi-layer material feeding length of layered inaccurate problem.
3,The machine has a point, manual, automatic, and other works, workers need to pick up the finished product material, reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency.
4.,The discharge characteristic of the simple setting mechanism, fit the cutting knife set, easy to make the adjustment of stroke, accurate, convenient operation, easy maintenance.
5,The spindle is equipped with self lubricating system, no human negligence preview and concerns of the machine damage.To ensure equipment precision and service life.Abrasive Die Cutting Machine

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