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low price Stone Coated Roof Tile Production Line
Stone Coated Roof Tile Production Line
This equipment is primer spraying , the sandblasting adopt PLC control , touch screen to make adjustments.(automatic and manual function)
Equipment advantage
1.Reducing glue consumption
This equipment uses an encoder to accurately detect the location of the tile movement. Turn on automatically when meet tile, turn off automatically when complete the spraying and wait the next tile turn on. It is no glue when no tile . So it reduces glue consumption .
2.Drying channel capacity increases, saves energy, increases speed.
Ordinary baking way into the tile by longitudinal direction .While we are now using horizontal and inclined into the drying tunnel .This increases the number of baking. Laterally into the drying tunnel can accommodate 5 tiles if calculated 7 waves tiles. While longitudinal direction into which just can accommodate 2 tiles. So Our tiles stay longer and drying more thorough in drying tunnel by the same speed .
3.Steep conveyor is superior than hoist in transport sand .
The life of lifting bucket is too short in the actual production of hoist transporting the sand, three-month average wear serious maintenance difficulties, it is wear severe and maintenance difficulties by the average for three months . While the steep conveyor has long life and maintenance easily .
4.The new and improved pump wash chain overcomes the un-easy cleaning of the chain in primer spray chamber for long time .
5.Adsorption type dust removal , the spray chamber has improved . The spray  
glue can be adsorbed onto the sponge to avoid environmental pollution problems
6.Induction sand bucket see tile opened, sandblasting end closed. It greatly   
reduces the burden and extends life of the elevator hoist compared than uninterruptible quicksand
7.The automatic turning plate reduces manual labor and labor intensity . The
manual turning plate damages the board easily. While the automatic turning plate can improve the quality of product .
1. Are you manufacturer?
Yes, we are manufacturer with 20 years experience
2. What information you need before quote me?
We need profile drawin gof the panel you want to produce, material information and your special requirements
3. What payment terms you accept?
T/T and L/C both ok with us
4. Can you make machine according to my design or photo type ?
Yes, we have experienced technical team to work out the suitable design for you and confirm with you until you agree.
5. What is the warranty for our machine?
We have one year guarantee, and provide whole life's technical supportlow price Stone Coated Roof Tile Production Line

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