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  High quality Anti-fatigue Actives
Posted by: indaje306 - 03-05-2020, 10:13 PM - Forum: Call-of-Duty - No Replies

Product Instruction
鈼?nbsp;Astragalosides astragalus extract, also known as astragalus extract or astragalus membranaceus extract. It has thousands history to be used for herbal in China. Astragalus membranaceus is one of the fifty fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine, it has been researched for its cardioprotective, anti-inflammatory, and longevity effects.
鈼?nbsp;The flavonoid content of Astragalus membranaceus may also contribute to its cardioprotective effects. Its polysaccharide content also protects the heart because it is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, and it is able to reduce cholesterol levels, similar to psyllium husk, which is a fiber supplement.

Specification of Astragalus membranaceus extract 0.3% Astragaloside IV
ColorBrown fine powderOrganoleptic
Odor    Characteristic   Organoleptic
Loss on drying鈮?.0%CP2015
AssayAstragaloside IV 鈮?.3%HPLC
Heavy Metals鈮?0ppmCP2015
Pb(mdl0.02) 鈮?ppmCP2015
Cr(mdl0.02)鈮?.2ppm  CP2015
Total Plate Count 1000cfu/g MaxCP2015
Yeast& Mold100cfu/g MaxCP2015
E.Coli colonies/gNegative (-)CP2015
Samonella colonies/gNegative (-)CP2015
Product benefits
鈼?nbsp;Astragalosides astragalus extract can improve the human body's systematic immunity and has the function of stepping down the blood pressure.
鈼?nbsp;Huangqi extract can help the body to expand the blood vesseland and the coronary artery.
鈼?nbsp;It is helpful to prevent the descend of the amount of white blood cell, haematoblast, reticulocyte, megakaryocyte.
鈼?nbsp;Astragalus extract can lengthen the life of the cells and delay the consenescence.

Product application
鈼?nbsp;Astragalosides astragalus extract as added ingredients of medicines for improving immunity, benefitting spleen and kidney and treating impotence, it is widely used in the fields of medicine and health products;
鈼?nbsp;In cosmetic field, it is able to nourish and cure the skin.

Recommended dosage
鈼?nbsp;Astragalus membranaceus and Angelicae Sinensis are highly synergistic, meaning they are more powerful when taken together. This combination is traditionally called Dang-gui buxue tang.
鈼?nbsp;The starting point for the preparation of Dang-gui buxue tang in traditional Chinese medicine is 30g of Astragalus membranaceus root paired with 6g of Angelicae sinensis. This is a 5:1 ratio, which is ideal for extracting the bioactive ingredients of the plants.
鈼?nbsp;Astragalus membranaceus can also be supplemented via a root extract. Due to potential differences in the quality/efficiency of the extraction process among different commercial manufacturers, product label recommendations for dosage should be followed and you should consult with your pharmacist or personal physician before taking.
鈼?nbsp;The main bioactive compound in Astragalus membranaceus is astragaloside IV, which can be supplemented by itself. The standard dose for astragaloside IV is 5-10mg.

Manufacturing processHigh quality Anti-fatigue Actives

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  Buy Line Transfer Cart
Posted by: indaje306 - 03-05-2020, 10:12 PM - Forum: Call-of-Duty - No Replies

The REMARKABLE turntable trolley can realize the rail change operation of any angle cross track through the automatic positioning device, and it can be accurately docked without manual control. We provide high quality technical services and free technical solutions; we have advanced production lines and production equipment; we have various production qualifications and batch production capacity; we have excellent technical engineers and production personnel. Our products have established a perfect system and rigorous process procedures from design, blanking, welding, assembly, inspection, product heavy-duty operation experiment, packaging, delivery, installation and after-sales service. Only if you write or telephone for consultation, we will provide you with a complete set of services and product solutions to achieve your satisfaction! We will deliver the fully complete products to you by sea within the requested time.Buy Line Transfer Cart


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  China Steel Grating
Posted by: indaje306 - 03-05-2020, 10:10 PM - Forum: Call-of-Duty - No Replies

Steel gratings are made by the load bearing bar and crossing bar (twisted square steel, square steel, round steel, flat steel, etc.) arranged in a certain distance between warp and weft.They are made to the original plate on the high-voltage resistance welding machine welding.After cutting, incision, hole opening, cover edge and other process, they become the products which meet customer鈥檚 requirements.
Technical parameters
General parameters
Material:Low carbon steel,Mild steel , Stainless steel
Bearing Bar ShapesTonguelain or serrated or I bar type.
Bearing Bar Specification:25mm*3mm - 100mm*6mm
Bearing Bar Pitch(C-C):20mm-60mm
Cross Bar Pitch(C-C):30mm-100mm
Steel Grating Size:200*600 - 1000x6000mm
Surface Treatment:Untreated, painted or hot-DIP galvanized
Steel Grating Standards:
China: YB/T4001-2007
UK: BS4592
Australia: AS1657
Others:The products can be customized.
Bending Strength Design Value and Elastic Model of Common Materials for Steel Grating
Common specifications of steel grating plate, design value and allowable value of interference degree
Durable: hot dip zinc anticorrosive treatment before delivery, strong impact and pressure resistance.
Modern style: beautiful appearance, standard design, ventilation and light, giving a person the overall smooth modern feeling.
Light structure: less material, light structure, and easy to lift.
Dirt: no rain, snow and dust.
Reduce wind resistance: due to good ventilation, small wind resistance in case of strong wind, reduce wind damage.
Ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof, anti-skid performance: acid and alkali corrosion ability: within the range of PH 6 to PH 12.5, the surface of zinc layer forms a stable protective film, good corrosion resistance.
Experience and markets
Our factory has more than 20years working experiences on researching and selling. Products are well sailed all over the world, got many compliments from customers.China Steel Grating

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  Documents for Trade Secret In China
Posted by: indaje306 - 03-05-2020, 10:09 PM - Forum: Call-of-Duty - No Replies

Quanzhou Guocai Trademark Office, founded in July 2005, is a registered firm in National Intellectual Property Administration .Providing professional intellectual property services to domestic and foreign customers, including Trademark Registration, Trademark Disputes, Patent applications, Patent protection, Copyright protection, Software copyright registration, Domain name registration, Intellectual property legal litigation, Anti-unfair competition, Technology and intellectual property transfer and other services.
Firm Overview
Since Guocai firm establishment in 2005 by Ms.Ke, the company has focused on intellectual property services, mainly Trademark registration and Patent applications, Until 2010, when Mr. Yan's team joined, expanding intellectual property administrative litigation and related intellectual property legal disputes, to provide IP services to more than 90 countries customer around the world.
Our Trademark Team
The trade mark team has the professional trademark agency, the trade mark logo designer, the trademark management tracker, the 15-year professional experience team. Providing the trademark search, the legal opinion ,planning scheme of brand protection, to help the customer choose the most market-identifying brand, protected from unfair competition.
Our Patent Team
Patent team has patent agent, drawing technician, patent lawyer, patent translator. Provide strategic advice on patent application and examination to customers, including writing high quality patent application documents for customers that can effectively prevent infringement avoidance and invalid risk.The machinery industry is the most professional.
Our IP Litigation & Dispute Lawyer Team
Led by intellectual property litigation lawyers with experience performance in patent, trademark, copyright, anti-unfair competition and other fields, the intellectual property litigation team provides the most effective and rapid legal solutions for customers around the world.
Our Factory
Head office in Wanda office building, the most famous 5A commercial office building in China. It is located in Xiamen Economic Zone and Hokkien Golden Triangle, the most dynamic economic integration industrial district in eastern China, and is also the most intensive area of foreign investment. 10 minutes from the airport and the Quanzhou Train station.
Series of products operated by the company
Trademark Registration / Trademark Renewal / Trademark Change / Trademark Opposition / Trademark Pleading / Trademark Revocation / Trademark License / Trademark Transfer / Copyright Registration / Computer Software Registration / Trademark Cancellation / International Trademark Registration
Invention patent registration / Utility model registration / Appearance patent registration / Patent reexamination / Patent invalidation / Patent search / Patent priority / Patent change / Patent annual fee / International patent
鈼廔ntellectual property litigation
Issue warning letter / Trademark infringement / Patent invalidation / Infringement appraisal / Licensing contract / Customs registration / Domain name dispute / Intellectual property transaction / Trade secret / Unfair competition /
Product Application Range
Intellectual property, trademark, patent, copyright, Legal advice, court proceedings
Obtained Qualification Certificate
1. Outstanding Trademark Agency Top Ten Patent Agents Outstanding IP Lawyer Service.
2. Owned production equipment.
3. 15 years professional IP team.
4. More than 60 working partners.
5. Cash experience in more than 90 countries.
6. Perfect intellectual property tracking system.
7. Advanced Intellectual Property Inquiry System.
Product Sales Regional Market and Achievements
1. Established in 2005 with a long history.
2. Trademark registration volume.
3. Patent Registration Quanzhou Qianmao.
4. Multiple classic cases of intellectual property litigation.
5. Served the world's most famous sports brand companies and food companies, machinery companies, tea companies.Documents for Trade Secret In China

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  FFKM O Ring manufacturers
Posted by: indaje306 - 03-05-2020, 10:01 PM - Forum: Call-of-Duty - No Replies

Our History
Sichuan Fudi New Energy Co., Ltd was established in 2010, its predecessor is Chengdu Fudi new materials Industrial Co., Ltd founded in 2001.
Our Factory
Covering an area of over 30000 square meters, our company has over 50 staff members, and 40 percent of which are professional technicians. We have formed an R&D team consisting of doctors, masters and senior engineers. At present, we have three modern production lines, 8 banbury machines, 15 testing equipments, which fully ensure quality products.
Our Product
Our main products are special rubber materials like FKM, FVMQ, HNBR, ACM, AEM, PU. We also supply oil seal, O-ring, gaskets, fuel hoses and other rubber assemblies according to customers鈥?requirements and drawings.
Product Application
Automotive, aerospace, petroleum and other industries.
Our Certificate
ISO9001, GSG, Rohs, Reach, Patents,
Production Equipment
At present, we have three modern production lines, 8 banbury machines, 15 testing equipments, which fully ensure quality products.
Production Market
With capacity 800 tons/year of FKM pre- and compounds, our products command a good market both at home and abroad. The marketing share is listed 3rd in the industry in China. Our products are exported to many foreign countries and regions such as: North America, South America, Western Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and South Africa.
Our Service
We always insist that 鈥渟cience and technology supreme, quality best, integrity essential, customer first鈥? We will do our best to meet your needs and provide hi-tech products and perfect after-sale technical support and service.FFKM O Ring manufacturers

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  AV Connector factory
Posted by: indaje306 - 03-05-2020, 10:00 PM - Forum: Call-of-Duty - No Replies

Product Introduction
4 in 1 HDMI VGA VA ADAPTER--- The HDMI VGA VA adapter supports mirroring of what is displayed on your devices (eg: movies, games, images, ect) to your HDMI, VGA or AV equipped devices(hdtv, projector and monitor) to enjoy the larger and clearer screen up to 1080p HD. Besides, the AV port can be used as a audio output(3.5mm port) for VGA devices
WIDELY USED--- Compared with other HDMI VGA audio adapters, this hdmi adapter has another AV port, ideal for your old device with AV port; in addition, it supports video output simultaneously to three display devices with HDMI, VGA or AV port, perfect for Home Theater, Conference, Presentation, Teaching, Exhibition, ect
Product Parameter (Specification)
HDMI/ VGA/ AV adapter
Compatibility with锛歠or iphone/ipad/ipod touch
Super Speed, Easy to use just plug and play
Use it with phone or pad /pod touch to enjoy your favorite
local or online entertainment easily on your HDTV or projector in up to 1080p HD display.
Support TV shows, music, video, audio, photo and more from Youtube, IE browser, Chrome Browser and etc.
Support IOS 12
No need App
Color: Gold/Silver/Rose gold/Grey
Product Feature and Application
TOTALLY PLUG AND PLAY--- No need any APP, Personal hotspot or WIFI, just click the "Trust" button after plugging it to your devices. (Please Note: 5V 1A USB Charging cable MUST be plugged before use) Then it will get to work few seconds later.
IMPORTANT NOTE -- USB Charging cable MUST be plugged to the power source before use. Not support Netflix/ HBO GO/ Xfinity Player/ Amazon Prime/ Hulu/ Directv and other Paid Videos in App may NOT be Supported. This compatible with iPad HDMI VGA AV adapter is compatible with all over iOS 8.0 or later devices, Included compatible with iPhone XS MAX/ XS/ XR/ X/ 8/ 8 plus/ 7/ 7 plus/ 6s/ 6s plus/ 6/ 6 plus/ 5s/ SE/ 5/ 5c/ iPad mini 2/ mini 3/ mini 4/ Air 2/ Air 3/ Air 4/ iPad Pro/ iPod Touch 5th/6th Gen.
Product Detail
---Plug and play
No need wifi, no need Apps or hot spots. Only need to connect the USB power adapter First before use!!
---High output resolution
Support 1080P HD output and shows your excellent pictures and videos
---4 in 1 functional
Come with HDMI, VGA and AV/3.5mm audio port, fast and stable connect with your any HDTV, projector, display with HDMI, VGA and AV interface.
---HDMI+VGA output Simultaneously
When you connect with your phone divece, then you can connect it with hdmi and vga interface simultaneously, but for vga, that's need use audio to obtain the voice. 3.5mm plug is fine.
Product Qualification
We have CE, ROHS, FCC, UL certifications Etc
Delivery, Shipping and Serving
鈾?We can promise鈾?The products are tested strictly before they are shipped to ensure the quality.If the product has any questions, feel free to contact us. We will strive to fix the issue and you will get a full satisfaction within 24hrs.
Q1: How long has this cable lasted? I have had to buy 7 chargers in a couple of months and really need a reliable one.
A1: I've had mine for a couple of months and it's still going strong. It feels like it's going to be a lot more reliable than my other cables
Q2: How does it feel while using?
A2: Pretty good sound quality; easy to connect; good connection
Q3: Dose it is compatible with the high level of ios.
A3: Yes, it has all the systems above ios10
Latest News
Any time, when meet problem, we will reply at the earliest and try to solve it.
We will design and develop latest products for customers all over the world.AV Connector factory

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  Lubricated Latex Condoms suppliers
Posted by: indaje306 - 03-05-2020, 09:59 PM - Forum: Call-of-Duty - No Replies

The Royal Brand of Japanese Adult Studio
DRYWELL started as a sexual wellness store in Shibuya district of Japan since 1987.
With decades developing, DRYWELL quickly becomes the leading brand of Sexual Wellness in the adult industry of Japan. In 2014, The World of Chamberlain Trade Import&Export Co.Ltd was authorized by DRYWELL as the exclusive operating company in global market. Today, DRYWELL brand promotes a safe, healthy, and fun sex life. From condoms to vibrators to lubricants, DRYWELL is dedicated to delivering innovative, high quality products that offer pleasure and protection and technology. As a royal supplier of AV industry of Japanese, DRYWELL has signed a lot famous AV starts such as Taka Kato who is known as the 'Golden Finger' and the 'Father of Sex'. The well-selling record and rapid development of DRYWELL are reflected in the fact that people pay more attention to emotional life and physical and mental feeling. DRYWELL not only offering sexual products, but also is a reliable soulmate for enjoying the happiness and love.
Brand History:
Born in Shibuya district of Japan, rapidly become to be the leading brand in Japanese sexual wellness market.
Officially launch in China, The World of Chamberlain Trade Import&Export Co.Ltd was authorized by DRYWELL as the exclusive operating company in global market.
DRYWELL flagship store officially launch in Tmall and the being the Top 3 of Vibrator and lubricant in China market.
Top 1 of Sexual Wellness in JD Mall of China. Participate in global Adult fair such as Shanghai ADCEXPO, Guangzhou Adult Fair, Hongkong Asia Adult Expo and Las Vegas AVN Show.
DRYWELL Establish R&D Center in Shenzhen for Chinese market and signed with Taka Kato as DRYWELL exclusive represent who is the famous Japan AV star.
DRYWELL start co-branding with the most fashion brand 'Supreme鈥?and launched a limited sexual wellness items together. With the combination of fashion and sexual pleasure, In order to create a new concept of sexual wellness products from different industry.
Bringing the new concept to your sexual life!
Condoms, Delay Spray, Lubricant, Vibrator, Masturbator, Sex Toy so on.
Raw Material
Careful selection of all raw materials, Precision Multiple detection, to ensure high sources.
Manufacture & Quality
Own factory and cooperation with the HEVEA MEDICAL SDN.BHD
Each DRYWELL products goes through multi-point rigorously tested and meet the highest standard in safety with using the latest technology, natural materials and rigorous attitude.
Excellent R&D Team and TOP French designers
Creating the revolutionary & Innovative sexual wellness products
Our products specially designed to offer the most premium product and incredible sexual experience that increases intimacy and pleasure.
Start from Japan and Rich experience in adult products since 1978.
Much know the truly demands of customers .
Perfect after-sales system and very fast feedback to each customer
Supply the most comfortable and satisfied service policy.Lubricated Latex Condoms suppliers

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  Diclazepam Cas 2894-68-0 for sale
Posted by: indaje306 - 03-05-2020, 09:56 PM - Forum: Call-of-Duty - No Replies

Company Profile  
Yuechem Biochemical Co.,Ltd was founded in 2011 by three doctors of chemistry and pharmacy degree. Sarted from a small lab of two rooms, now we have established research team, production plant and sale team. For 8 years Yuechem has focused on the research, production and sale of steroid and HGH, the achievement is magnificant.
Our research team is so skillful, we understand the market so well that we always are able to launch new products at the first time. Also we welcome clients who needs custom make. The quality of our products will always be guaranteed, clients will be satisfied.
A sample before actual order is always reccomended, though we are confident with our products. Furthermore, orders of any quatity is welcome.
In addition to get the chemicals of high quality, our clients will also enjoy and benefit from our flexible payment options and reliable shipping way. For many years we cooperated with the most experienced shipping company, we know which shipping way suits you best. And we make sure you will get what you have paid for.
For 8 years, Yuechem have supplied a large number of cilents all over the world with high-quality products and service. So many longstanding cooperations are founded. Soon we earned a good reputation as a skillful efficient and reliable team.
You will be offered qualified products, competitive price, the best service and shipping way. We are looking for longstanding cooperation, this is much more than business.
Diclazepam Cas 2894-68-0 for sale

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  Navel Ring suppliers
Posted by: indaje306 - 03-05-2020, 09:55 PM - Forum: Call-of-Duty - No Replies

Product Information
1. 4 Different styles: they have 4 different styles navel rings to give you different choices every day, like the navel rings with balls, cz, opal and crystal inlaid, it makes you look more pretty and elegant, easy to match with your clothes and makeup.
2. Quality material: the belly button ring is made of 316L stainless steel with polished surface, inlaid with shiny cz, opal and crystal, not easy to rust, safe and durable, comfortable to wear.
3. Measurement: the gauge size is 14 g/ 1.6 mm, bar length is about 10 mm and the top ball size is 5 mm, proper belly ring size, easy to screw off and on.
4. Exquisite design: top ball unscrew design, easy to put on and take off; Exquisite cutting workmanship and cute appearance design, nice for summer clothing to go beach, make you look more charming.
5. Quality: includes 4 pieces belly button rings in 4 different styles, more options for your daily wearing, they also can be applied as gifts to your friends or your families.Navel Ring suppliers

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  Big Barb Wire Fence in stock
Posted by: indaje306 - 03-05-2020, 09:53 PM - Forum: Call-of-Duty - No Replies

Our History
Our company's development history is that the first factory was established in 1990, and then in 2003. Dingzhou Ruifeng Metal Net Factory was established in 1990. It is a rare metal net professional manufacturer integrating production, processing and sales.
Our main products include Square Wire mesh銆丠exagonal  Wire Mesh銆乄elded Wire Mesh銆丮etal Welded  Fence銆丆hain  Link  Fence 銆丒xpanded Mesh Sheet銆丼tainless Steel Wire Mesh 銆乄indow  Screen 銆丟alvanized  Wire 銆丳VC Coated Wire 銆丅arbed Wire  etc Since its establishment, the factory has been providing high-quality goods to major foreign trade companies throughout the country, especially the environmentally friendly plastic wire produced by our factory. The plastic mesh is welcomed by customers at home and abroad. In 2003, we set up our own company: Dingzhou Ruifeng Metal Mesh Co., Ltd. The company introduced advanced production equipment and strictly controlled the quality of goods. Our company adheres to the business philosophy of "customer-centered, high-quality-based, high-quality service as a means, customer satisfaction as the goal". We firmly believe that every product is an advertisement, and we win the trust of customers with preferential prices, excellent equipment and perfect sales service, and soon. Our company's products have been pushed around the world, so that customers from abroad gradually recognize our products and trust our products. Ruifeng sincerely invites you to join us and looks forward to cooperating with you.
Our Factory
The factory covers an area of 6 mu. There are 20 factory workers, 8 logisticians and 10 company employees, totaling more than 40 people.
Our Product
Link net, metal net guardrail, galvanized hexagonal net, galvanized welding net, stainless steel welding net, plastic-coated PVC hexagonal net, plastic-coated PVC welding net, plastic-coated PVC wire, PVC plastic binding wire, small wire. Spiral blade stabbing rope, spiral cross blade stabbing rope, stabbing rope, wire, glass fiber mesh, U-shaped wire, black iron wire, button wire, packing wire, cutting wire, black annealed wire, galvanized wire, nails, cap felt nails, cement nails, etc.
Production Equipment
Plastic-coated mesh equipment, one hexagonal mesh machine, two plastic-coated wire equipment, two forklifts and two trucks.Big Barb Wire Fence in stock

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