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  Ferrite Magnet factory
Posted by: wry731 - 08-14-2019, 01:24 AM - Forum: Streaming - No Replies

Shape shape Standard size General tolerances without grinding General tolerances without grinding
DiameterD Opposite sex productBig Grin±2% D±0.1mm
Homosexual productsBig Grin±1.5%and D±2%
ThicknessH H±1.0mm H±0.1mm
Ferrite divided barium ferrite (BaO · 6Fe2O3) and strontium ferrite (SrO · 6Fe2O3). High resistivity, is a semiconductor type, so a small eddy current losses, the coercive force, not the merits of demagnetization can be effectively applied in the air gap in the magnetic circuit, particularly suitable for small generators and permanent magnet motors.
The major products anisotropic ferrite permanent magnet series. They can be used to make the permanent ignition motors, permanent magnet motors, permanent magnet concentrator, magnetic lifting heads, magnetic thrust bearing, magnetic separator, speakers, microwave devices, magnetic sheet, and hearing aids.
Sintered Ferrite Magnet Performance and Grade
Grade (Br) (HcB) (HcJ) (BH)max
mT KGauss KA/m KOe KA/m KOe KJ/m3 MGOe
Y10T 200~235 2.0~2.35 125-160 1.57-2.01 210-280 2.64-3.51 6.5-9.5 0.8-1.2
Y22H 310~360 3.10~3.60 220-250 2.76-3.14 280-320 3.51-4.02 20.0-24.0 2.5-3.0
Y25 360~400 3.60~4.00 135-170 1.70-2.14 140-200 1.76-2.51 22.5-28.0 2.8-3.5
Y26H-1 360~390 3.60~3.90 200-250 2.51-3.14 225-255 2.83-3.20 23.0-28.0 2.9-3.5
Y26H-2 360~380 3.60~3.80 263-288 3.30-3.62 318-350 3.99-4.40 24.0-28.0 3.0-3.5
Y27H 350~380 3.50~3.80 225-240 2.83-3.01 235-260 2.95-3.27 25.0-29.0 3.1-3.6
Y28 370~400 3.70~4.00 175-210 2.20-3.64 180-220 2.26-2.76 26.0-30.0 3.3-3.8
Y28H-1 380~400 3.80~4.00 240-260 3.01-3.27 250-280 3.14-3.52 27.0-30.0 3.4-3.8
Y28H-2 360~380 3.60~3.80 271-295 3.40-3.70 382-405 4.80-5.08 26.0-30.0 3.3-3.8
Y30H-1 380~400 3.80~4.00 230-275 2.89-3.46 235-290 2.95-3.64 27.0-32.5 3.4-4.1
Y30H-2 395~415 3.95~4.15 275-300 3.45-3.77 310-335 3.89-4.20 27.0-32.0 3.4-4.0
Y32 400~420 4.00~4.20 160-190 2.01-2.39 165-195 2.07-2.45 30.0-33.5 3.8-4.2
Y32H-1 400~420 4.00~4.20 190-230 2.39-2.89 230-250 2.89-3.14 31.5-35.0 3.9-4.4
Y32H-2 400~440 4.00~4.40 224-240 2.81-3.01 230-250 2.89-3.14 31.0-34.0 3.9-4.3
Y33 410~430 4.10~4.30 220-250 2.76-3.14 225-255 2.83-3.20 31.5-35.0 3.9-4.4
Y33H 410~430 4.10~4.30 250-270 3.14-3.39 250-275 3.14-3.45 31.5-35.0 3.9-4.4
Y34 420~440 4.20~4.40 200-230 2.51-2.89 205-235 2.57-2.95 32.5-36.0 4.1-4.4
Y35 430~450 4.30~4.50 215-239 2.70-3.00 217-241 2.73-3.03 33.1-38.2 4.1-4.8
Y36 430~450 4.30~4.50 247-271 3.10-3.40 250-274 3.14-3.44 35.1-38.3 4.4-4.8
Y38 440~460 4.40~4.60 285-305 3.58-3.83 294-310 3.69-3.89 36.6-40.6 4.6-5.1
Y40 440~460 4.40~4.60 330-354 4.15-4.45 340-360 4.27-4.52 37.6-41.8 4.7-5.2 Ferrite Magnet factory

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  buy circular magnet
Posted by: wry731 - 08-14-2019, 01:23 AM - Forum: Streaming - No Replies

Panan County Zhonghao magnetic material Co., Ltd. is home to the permanent magnetic ferrite production, processing, enterprise development, magnet manufacturers magnet manufacturers. Relying on the production base of magnetic advantages of Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, China , the company has a good comparative advantage in the development of high precision, high performance, specific products. We have meticulous work spirits , we are strict in quality products and we are responsible for the customer. The company's products have been widely used in household appliances, electric motor, electronic induction, induction, measuring instruments, products sold at home and abroad.
The company own strong technical strength. We have a senior engineer and several other engineers. The company introduced the advanced concept of management innovation, and got through the ISO9001 quality certification system. The company has a positive and progressive   team, we have been devoted to technological innovation, scientific management and focused on improving the quality and constantly developing new products to satisfy the customer’s requirements, we will make progress together with you and bring dedicated professional services in the world of magnetism for you to create a better future.buy circular magnet

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  boxing stand for promotion suppliers
Posted by: wry731 - 08-14-2019, 01:21 AM - Forum: Streaming - No Replies

Nantong Yifeng Fitness Equipment Co.,Ltd is a sole-sponsored enterprise which established at the foundation of 10 years’experience of export-processing of various fitness products.We locate in Nantong city,covers an area of over 26000 square meters,with Nantong Port south and Yangkou port north and only 2 hours driving to Shanghai.
We specialize in the manufacturing of home gyms , weight bench, trampoline  series and related fitness equipments.We have advanced equipment and rich technical force. We offer service to all customers according to EN957 European standard
strictly.Our company insists on with the principle of "quality is first and customer is supreme",pursues"customer's greatest satisfaction" as factory's aim,walks the way of brand and quality relentlessly. "Pursue being Outstanding,Seek being
Perfect”is our continuous target of getting struggled.boxing stand for promotion suppliers

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  Super Long HDMI Cable
Posted by: wry731 - 08-14-2019, 01:19 AM - Forum: Streaming - No Replies

HDMI long cable with IC gold plated supporting 4K 3D 1080P
1) Conductors High purity Oxygen Free Copper
2) Insulation Outer Jacket and color optional
3) Contacts 24K Gold Plated
4) Connectors Metal shell type
5) Available lengths up to 50m optional
6) Available terminations HDMI,19PIN,Male to Male, Version 1.4 and V2.0 available
7) Available gauge 24/26/28AWG(optional) OD:9.0/8.0/7.3mm
8) Certification RoHS,UL,CE
9) Shielding AL+ Mg+ Braiding+ Ferrite(for option)
10) AWG 24/26/28 AWG available for different lengthSuper Long HDMI Cable

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  Machine parts
Posted by: wry731 - 08-14-2019, 01:18 AM - Forum: Streaming - No Replies

Shenzhen Shengpeng Metal Products Co., LTD., founded in 2003. Is committed to CNC precision machining, mainly to provide medical parts processing, communications parts processing and photoelectric parts processing, auto parts, CNC precision machining, CNC machining CNC CNC machining, non-standard parts, complex parts processing, and customized CNC machining, etc., with rapid response ability, and quality guarantee system and level of cost control as the core competitiveness, in the provision of specific products and processing services, we through the more close to the customer technical service, quality, process and business processing capabilities to provide customers with value-added services, make customers more focus on their main business, so as to improve customer value.
Shengpeng company has import, domestic CNC machining center equipment nearly 20 units, a number of other ancillary processing equipment, can be engaged in single, batch and of the clamping fixture of the design, manufacture and assembly, at the same time equipped with secondary yuan, two-dimensional height meter, Hexagon three coordinates measuring instrument such as precision testing equipment, with strict quality control processes, to provide customers with stable, reliable products and services.
We by the unique management pattern and process design, in response to the industry challenges and difficulties, in low cost, small batch, high quality, rapid response customer needs to seek the optimal solution, we have our own engineering and quality security team, for customers to provide quality processing services, at the same time, you can continue to improve service, help clients to keep advantage in the tough market competition.
1. The engineering sample capacity:
We have strong comprehensive skills, fast reaction engineering sample team, specializing in the previous sample and process to explore and perfect the work, and at this stage, the accumulation and optimize the process, provide experience and data support for the mass production stage.
2. Production capacity:
We have 14 sets high-end imports of CNC machining center, the largest processing range is: 1020 * 540 * 510 mm, the machining accuracy for: 0.003 mm, with 40 CNC lathes and milling complex machine, such as Japan's nomura, Zimbabwe, longtzer, several other auxiliary equipment, and has a team of experienced locksmith finishing.
3. Quality control:
Company equipped with testing center, high-end testing equipment complete, such as the sea, kang three coordinate measuring instrument, two dimensional, two dimensional height gauge, tension gauge, hardness tester, roughness tester, salt spray tester, etc., strict quality control process, can satisfy the medical, automotive, communications, optoelectronics and other industries to the requirement of stability and reliability.
4. Technical service ability:
We can have an excellent team of engineers, in the early stages of customers new product development, sample trial production and batch production phase on demand, research and development personnel to provide on-site technical support to clients and feedback manufacturing first-hand information. At the same time, we are focus on problems of customers in cooperation with us, and the new requirements, and take this opportunity to improve our products and services.
The company spirit of "customer first, honesty first" principle, strive for with the best quality, service to every customer.
Sincere invitation to cooperate with you, common development, looking to the future!Machine parts

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  netbook power cord
Posted by: wry731 - 08-14-2019, 01:17 AM - Forum: Streaming - No Replies

Yuyao city zhuoli wire&cable factory is a manufacturer specializing in power cords,cables,plugs,automobile connectors and accessories,Our products hae been approved by ITALY IMQ,Canada CSA,Germany VDE,England BSI,USA UL ,and European Union GS,Also we can provide customized products.netbook power cord

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  cheap programmable barcode scanner
Posted by: wry731 - 08-14-2019, 01:15 AM - Forum: Streaming - No Replies

Masterpiece Technology (International) Co, Ltd (MPTIC) is famous for its Barcode Data Terminal products and solutions.
We are headquartered in Shenzhen, R&D center in Chengdu, with factory facilities in Chengdu & Shenzhen. We have long been dedicated to manufacturing data terminal products and providing industrial and commercial solutions to the AIDC industry.
MPTIC has two core competitive edges, the Best Quality Performance and a competitive price strategy, with Client Software Convergent Solutions to satisfy special needs.
MPTIC barcode data terminals have been successfully selected worldwide for quality, design, and competitive prices. All terminals are built in our 2,000-square-meters factory space, with 200 skilled workers and hardware/software engineers and a capacity of 5,000 sets per month, all implemented with the CE, RoHS, FCC standards. We apply very strict QC systematic procedures throughout the work flow from raw material purchasing, R&D, production, to after-sales services. MPTIC’s barcode data terminals have a good reputation in the USA, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia market.
We firmly believe that our products and services will meet your business needs. We are looking forward to serving you in the near future.cheap programmable barcode scanner

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  Mobile Broadband Router manufacturers
Posted by: wry731 - 08-14-2019, 01:14 AM - Forum: Streaming - No Replies

Belonged to E-Lins Group, E-Lins Technology was established in 1999. As a professional wireless M2M solution provider, E-Lins is the leading provider and OEM/ODM for M2M total solution in the Peoples Republic of China.
E-Lins is based on the M2M field (Machine to Machine,Man to Machine), developed full expansion of 4G/3G/2G mobile cellular device.
E-Lins mobile data products are widely used in more than 50 countries and regions, and more than twenty industrial fields, such as power control, water schedule, traffic, oil field, weather forecast, environmental protection, street lamp control, post, bank, CCTV, security surveillance, and many other areas.
Pursuing a highly effective operation system to give customers more satisfaction, we also endeavor to improve our management regarding quality and service. We passed the ISO9001/14000 certification and CCC (China Compulsory Certification). And we are building an equal development platform to let our employees enjoy working and then share their pleasure with our customers.
E-Lins's products are manufactured in-house. Taking into consideration the high quality requirements of our customers, we enforce our factory to produce quality products that meets the international standards. We have our QA department in our factory that makes sure every product that came out of the production line meets the quality standard of our customer.
Our clients include some of the major global distributors and importers throughout Asia, South and Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and North America in more than 50 countries and areas.
OEM/ODM orders are welcomed to suit customers budget and requirement.Mobile Broadband Router manufacturers

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  most popular folding bike manufacturers
Posted by: wry731 - 08-14-2019, 01:13 AM - Forum: Streaming - No Replies

Jinhua JOBO Technology Co., Ltd is a branch company of Jinhua Jiabao Vehicle Co., Ltd which is with 17 years experience in vehicle making Industrial.
After about 17 years development, Jiabao (JOBO) is now one of the leading companies in the electric vehicle field specialized in Electric bike, Electric Tricycle, Electric Scooters.
Our bikes meet the standard of EN 15194, and got over 40 certifications from the SGS, TUV. We are now exporting to over 80 countries and districts, including Europe, America, and Australia, with an annual export volume of over 23 million dollar.
Quality and innovation is the core of a company, JOBO insists the strategy of optimization and innovation. And because of the high quality of our bikes, and good service we offer. We enjoy a high reputation among all our clients.
We have a professional R&D team which can make your ideal bike in 1 month. The advanced equipment, Holland mechanics and testing machines with the large scale workshop enable us to deliver over 3000 qualified bikes every month.
We are helping and growing up with many world famous brands all over the world.
Cooperating with JOBO will be a very right choice of you!most popular folding bike manufacturers

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  China Dry Vibrating Screen
Posted by: wry731 - 08-14-2019, 01:11 AM - Forum: Streaming - No Replies

Our Factory
Our manufacture plant--Landsky Tangshan locates in Tangshan, Heibei, which is near Beijing. As a global supplier of the vibrating screen, polyurethane screen mesh, Beijing Screen Technology Co.,Ltd is to create added value for customers around the world.
Our Products includes the following:
1, Vibrating Screen
2, Polyurethane Screen Mesh
3, Spare Parts of Vibrating Screen …
4, Cyclones
5, Wedge Wire Screen
And etc.…
Our vibrating screen and screen mesh are widely used in the worldwide including Russia, Congo, Indonesia, India, Bolivia, Peru, South Africa and etc.
Product Application
Our vibrating screen is mostly used in fine mineral beneficiation, besides that, it can also being used in non-metal area including screening phosphate, solar salts, sillca sand and etc.
Our Certificate
We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001. CE certificate is applied.
Production Equipment
We introduce high quality production equipments including the laser cutting machine, welding robot, spraying machine and etc. to make sure producing high quality products.
Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Our vibrating screens for iron ore takes up about 70% of the domestic market. Our Sales team is composed by masters of mining and can speak fluent English for good communication. Our main sales market:
North Europe 75.00%
South Africa/South America/East Asia 25.00%
We offer the following service:
1.Project proposal/suggestion for the screening;
2.Order arrangement;
3.On site comssionning if necessary;
4.Online support China Dry Vibrating Screen

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